Chloe Moretz Reveals Her Older Brothers Approve Of Brooklyn Beckham Romance

May 21st, 2016 | by staff

We love Chloe Moretz and Brooklyn Beckham together, and apparently we aren’t the only ones! The ‘Neighbors 2’ star revealed that she introduced her new boyfriend to her four brothers and he passed with flying colors!

Meeting the parents is already hard, but imagine having to make a good impression on not one, but four brothers! Chloe Grace Moretz, 19,  joined the Late Late Show with James Corden to talk about her super cute romance with Brooklyn Beckham, 17. And despite how protective her brothers are, she said they really like him.

If I Stay

Now that Chloe and Brooklyn went public, the If I Stay actress dished about him meeting her family. Her brothers, Ethan, Brandon, Colin, and Trevor are “macho guys,” according to Chloe. And although she likes how protective they can be, it may be a little intimidating. But Brooklyn was able to break through their protective shield.

“Now they correspond secretively. We were all at dinner the other night and I caught my boyfriend texting my brother. And I was like what, what are you doing here?” She told James Corden, 37. Although Chloe wasn’t sure if the texts were intimidation tactics or funny inside jokes, it’s so cute to see they’re getting along.

Okay so, Chloe did reveal that her macho bros weren’t always pro-Brookyln. The actress hilariously reenacted the boys’ first encounters, saying that they questioned her boyfriend’s motives. And she couldn’t confirm it, but she suspects they got all up in Brooklyn’s grill once or twice.

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But with all the “grilling” aside, the Moretz’ and Beckham are one, happy union. And that’s probably because the Moretz boys are overjoyed to see their baby sister so head over heels. Chloe is in love with Brooklyn and it’s not just because he’s a “cutie.” “The reason she really likes him is because he is so real and doesn’t fall into the Hollywood BS, but at the same time he understands it when she has to vent,” a source told EXCLUSIVELY. “Their time together is always fun and they leave business for their individual lives.” 
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We are SO thrilled that Chloe’s brothers approve of her relationship. As for any one else who tries to get in the way of the happy couple, they better watch out or they’ll have to answer to Chloe’s overprotective brothers!

HollywoodLifers, what do you think of Chloe and Brooklyn together?

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